Type B Wooden Box Set

Type B Wooden Box Set

$ 330.00

 33 Colors. This set comes in a beautiful wooden box filled with our watercolor half-pans. All of our watercolors are made using the highest quality pigments and are artist grade and most have excellent lightfastness. 

Hand-mulled. Made on Kauai. 

Colors in set: 

Top row: Titanium White, Buff Titanium, Naples Yellow Light, Mid Yellow, Mustard, Ferric Yellow, Sandstone, Raw Sienna, Wildflower, Burnt Rose, French Clay 

Second Row: 

French Vermillion, English Red, Quinacridone Magenta, Stone Ochre, Silk Grey, Ash Blue, Indigo, Paris Blue, Royal Blue, Seafarer Blue, Azure Blue

Third Row: 

Cambrian Green, Epoque Green, Sea Clay, Shadow Green, Green Grey, Chromium Oxide Green, Tropic Lush, Golden Olive, Raw Umber, Dark Umber, Iron Black 

 *New colors in this set include Green Grey and the return of old favorites from our line Royal Blue and Marine Blue.