Salt + Sand

Salt + Sand

$ 250.00

24 colors in a white bioplastic palette (made from plants not fossil fuels). Palette made in the U.S. mainland. Hand-mulled paints made in Kauai.

This set features a variety of natural mineral colors in earthy subdued hues that are easy to use right out of the pan. There’s also enough primary colors to make it a useful set for mixing. 

Colors in set: 

First Row:  Seafarer Blue, Shale, Raw Umber, Loam, Blush, Wildflower 

Second Row: Prussian Blue, Golden Olive, Terracotta, Ash Blue, Pewter, Pyrrole Red

Third Row: Italian Raw Sienna, Seashell, Lemon Ochre, Silk Grey, Sandstone, Burgundy Red Violet 

Fourth Row: Phthalo Green, Chromium Oxide Green, Slate Green, Hematite Ore, Fuchsia, Night Dune