$ 260.00

24 colors in a white bioplastic palette (made from plants not fossil fuels). Palette made in the U.S. mainland. Hand-mulled paints made in Kauai.

A back-to-basics combination with useful primaries and earthy neutrals together in one set for lots of mixing possibilities. 

Colors in set: 

First Row: Titanium White, Naples Yellow Light, Dandelion Yellow, Mustard, Deep Yellow, Ferric Yellow

Second row: Burnt Sienna, Burnt Rose, Mollusk, Fire Coral, Cadmium Medium Red Substitute, Quinacridone Magenta

Third Row: Silk Grey, Deep Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean, Midnight Lagoon, Cambrian Blue, Copper Green Dark 

Fourth Row: Glass, Mermaid, Sea Clay, Shadow Green, Dark Umber, Iron Black