Earth Colors

Earth Colors

$ 480.00

48 natural earth colors in a white bioplastic palette (made from plants not fossil fuels). Hand-mulled paints made in Kauai. Palette made in the U.S. mainland.

48 colors in a lightweight and compact case. 

This set of earth colors is made up of clays, silts, rocks and  minerals. Perfect for landscapes and vintagey vibes. 

 Colors in set: 

Row 1: Titanium white, Antique white, Linen, Buff titanium, Seashell, Beige, Silk Grey, Stone Ochre

Row 2: Yellow Travertine, Khaki, Lemon Ochre, Ferric Yellow, Raw Sienna, Italian Raw Sienna, Raw Umber Yellowish, Lalvarit

Row 3: Mollusk, Terracotta, Canyon, Burnt Sienna, Camel, Blush, Burgundy Red Violet, Red Ochre 

Row 4: Desert Green, Light Umber, Willow, Green Grey, Green Earth, Raw Umber Dark, Raw Umber Greenish Dark, Burnt Umber 

Row 5: Seamud, Shale, Davy’s Grey, Slate Green, Glauconite, Lichen, French Green, Juniper Green 

Row 6: Shadow Green, Mud Grey, Warm French Grey, Fossil Grey, Grey Ochre, Pale Grey, Stone Grey, Maya Indigo 

*New Colors: 

Italian Raw Sienna: Single pigment, transparent, granulating, non-staining and weak tinting strength. Excellent lightfastness 

Raw Umber Yellowish: Single pigment, semi-transparent natural raw umber with yellow undertones. 

Pipestone + Clay: Blend color, pink pipestone mineral from North America and white clay 

Burgundy Red Violet: Single pigment, non-granulating, rich and buttery iron oxide based color with semi-transparency and excellent lightfastness. 

Mud Grey: Blend color with an opaque, buttery consistency. A warm, brownish grey.

Fossil Grey: A blend color that reminds of us ancient ammonites, a mid grey with warm undertones.  

Maya Indigo: Real organic indigo from woad mixed with Kaolin in the same recipe that the ancient Mayans invented. The kaolin stabilizes the fugitive indigo and makes it lightfast.