Brights Wooden Paintbox

Brights Wooden Paintbox

$ 370.00

Our paintbox set comes with 36 colors in four rows in a beautiful bamboo wood box. All of our watercolors are made using the highest quality pigments and are artist grade and most have excellent lightfastness. 

Hand-mulled. Made on Kauai. 

Colors in set: 

Top row: Titanium White, Naples yellow light, Dandelion yellow, Mustard, Deep yellow, Iris, Clementine, Wildflower, 

Second Row: French Vermilion, Burnt rose, Burgundy red violet, Carmine, Blush, Fuschia, Burnt Umber, Dusty Violet, Ash Blue

Third Row: Ultramarine Deep, Azure blue, Cerulean, Overcast, Glass, Cambrian Blue, Copper Green Dark, Mermaid, Mint

Fourth Row: Lichen green, Foliage, Canopy Green, Golden Olive, Greenish Umber, Loam, Mud Grey, Fossil Grey, Iron Black