Wooden Box Set

Wooden Box Set

$ 300.00

 33 Colors. This set comes in a beautiful bamboo wooden box filled with our watercolor half-pans. All of our watercolors are made using the highest quality pigments and are artist grade. 

Hand-mulled. Made on Kauai. 

Colors in set: 

Top row: Antique White, Light Creme Yellow*, Mid Yellow*, Golden Yellow Ochre, Ferric Yellow, Light Yellow Ochre*, Bourbon*, Fire coral, Clementine, Iris, Peony 

Second Row: 

Poppy*, English Red*, Burnt Rose, Helios Red, Mauve*, Carmine, Camel*, Beige*, Night Dune*, Dusty Violet, Stone Grey 

Third Row: 

Blue Violet, At Sea, Cerulean, Grey Azul, Seabed Green*, Mesozoic Green, Slate Green, Lichen Green*, Canopy Green*, Warm French Grey, Sepia* 

*New Colors.