Around the World

Around the World

$ 490.00

Our largest set. 48 colors in a white bioplastic palette (made from plants not fossil fuels). Palette made in the U.S. mainland. 

Hand-mulled paints made in Kauai. 

48 colors in a lightweight and compact case. 

Colors in set: 

1st Row: Titanium white, Sagebrush YellowNaples yellow light, Dandelion YellowMustard, Deep Yellow, Limonite, Gold Ochre 

2nd Row: Sandstone, Iris, Clementine, Burnt rose, Peony, Wildflower, Fire Coral, French vermilion

3rd Row: Red Ochre, Opera rose, French Clay, Brown Pink, Burnt Sienna Dark, Quinacridone Magenta, Night Dune, Dusty violet

4th Row: Ash Blue, Deep Ultramarine, North sea, Prussian Blue, Royal Blue, Overcast, Seafarer Blue, Cambrian Blue  

5th Row: Glass, Turquoise Blue, Mermaid, Epoque, Chromium oxide green, Olive Green, Foliage Green, Canopy Green 

6th Row: Sea Clay, Mesozoic Green, Palm Green, Golden Olive, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Cyprus Umber Dark, Iron Black