Watercolor Sets

Type B 48

$ 380.00
Type B 48

Our largest set. 48 colors. The Type B 48 was popular in our brick and mortar shop and for the first time it is available online.

All our watercolors are made using the highest quality pigments and are artist grade. 

Hand-mulled. Made on Kauai. 

Colors in set: 

Top row: Titanium White, Naples Yellow Light, Mustard Yellow, French Vermillion, Quinacridone Magenta, French Clay, Indigo, Seafarer Blue, Epoque Green, Sea Clay, Golden Olive, Raw Umber 

Second Row: 

Iron Black, Raw Sienna, Silk Clay, Paris Blue, Ash Blue, Wildflower, Ferrite Yellow, Red Ochre, Sandstone, Buff Titanium, Stone Ochre, Chromium Oxide Green 

Third Row: 

Slate green, Cambrian Green, Fern Green, Burnt Rose, Clementine, Terracotta, Slate Blue Green, Grey Azul, Dusty Violet, Dusty Lavender, Neutral Grey(new color), Stone Grey

Fourth Row; 

Medium Yellow (new color), Jupiter Orange (new color), Peony, Quinacridone Rose, Brown Pink, Mars Orange, French Ultramarine, At Sea, Warm French Grey, Burnt Umber, Antique White, Glass

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